A Clean Sheet of Paper

RiSE-for-blogWhat if you had the opportunity to redesign student services to help today’s undergraduates, from scratch? If you could consider the needs of the population of current students–diverse, talented, goal-oriented and driven digital natives, who are more likely to be far from home, more likely to be stressed and less likely to be resilient than college students of the past–what would your services look like?

That’s an AU proposition that the Mellon Foundation found compelling. So they provided a grant for the university to explore the question. A task force and steering committee have been hard at work, collecting the information that will help us imagine a new framework for student services and support for student success. Recognizing that our current support systems are vestiges of a design formed nearly a century ago, we’re assuming that the design for Twenty First Century student might look different.

There have been and will be multiple occasions to provide your ideas and input into this project. This blog is one way to share your input and creative thinking.  So if you started with a clean sheet of paper, what would your design for student support and success look like? Where would you start?  Comments welcome.

— Terry Flannery, Vice President for Communication
RiSE Steering Committee member